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Calvin's Silicone Lube for Speed Cubing, High Viscosity, 2ml

Calvin\'s Silicone Lube for Speed Cubing, High Viscosity, 2ml
Calvin's Silicone Lube for Speed Cubing, High Viscosity, 2ml - to lube about 14 pcs 3x3x3 cubes

We are happy to announce our two Calvin's Silicone Lubes, briefly called Calvin's Lubes, High and Medium Viscosity types.

The Calvin's Lubes are the best lubricants that we investigated for years. They are fit to lube the cubes for speed cubing. As other silicone types lubes, there are 2 steps to lube the cubes.
1. Lube the core - add little lubricant to the washers, joints of springs and screws
2. Lube the friction area of plastic pieces - add little lubricant to one edge, then scramble the cubes.

PS: It also works well to various puzzles and shape-ways nylon puzzles.

As we had tested, if finished the 2nd step, it will improve your cube good enough. If finished both 2 steps, your cube will has almost no friction.

For the Calvin's lubes, we have High and Medium Viscosity types, and currently with volumes of 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml. The bottles have been sealed to prevent leakage during posting. To break the sealed point, you can use needle or tooth stick for 5ml, 10ml and 20ml and cutter for 2ml.

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