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Puzzbox Around The World Quiz Adventure

Puzzbox Around The World Quiz Adventure
Puzzbox - Around The World Puzzbox Quiz Adventure

Test your memory and race to answer all the Brainbuster quiz cards to collect all of the puzzle pieces.

All you have to do is memorise the card's features, and hand over the card to the opposing player, then roll the dice and whichever number you land on is the number question the player asks you.

If you answer correctly then you get to keep the card.

The winner is the player with the most cards collected, then you can get together with your team to complete the puzzle.

This exciting game is bound to have you enjoying every fact you learn and remember, what a fun way to learn.

This 40 piece puzzle measures: 85 x 35cm
Recommended for Ages 8 years+
Box Contents
• 1 x Sand Timer
• 1 x Dice
• 30 x Quiz Cards
• 10 x Premium Quiz Card
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